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Sassy Frass Texas is a small boutique that operates out of Burleson, Texas and travels to various shows around the United States particularly in the South and South East region. Our main shows are in Ft. Worth Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

When my children were young,  I was always complimented on how stylish they were dressed and how cute/adorable they were when we went out in public. I enjoyed dressing them up each and every time we went out in public.


Until one day they grew out of me dressing them and as a mother it was hard because my little babies were growing up. I decided I would look into what it would take to operate a small boutique that specialized in small children’s clothing and accessories. Time passed and I was eventually able to open my boutique which is now based out of Burleson, Texas. I love every day I get to spend in the shop. I have diverted all my energy that once went into styling a trendy new look for my children into choosing the wide variety of stylish products provided through Sassy Frass.




As time has gone by Sassy Frass has developed to include a variety of products for all ages and genders. Although we do still focus heavily on our baby boutique and products, Sassy Frass now includes a variety of products so you can shop for yourself or for baby on any occasion. We provide¬†clothing for almost every age and occasion. Stop by our store in Burleson if your in town, or if you can’t make it by visit our online shop located in the menu bar above to browse our line of products and purchase online through our easy and secure online store system.

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104 E. Ellison St. Suite D., Burleson, Texas 76028

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